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Whether planning a new build or updating an existing installation; VAST offers many exciting opportunities to upgrade your theatrical, architectural and/or house lighting system with energy efficient LED alternatives. LED’ typically consume 75-85% less energy when compared to equivalent conventional incandescent fixtures.


  • Cost Savings ­ Benefit from an immediate return in energy and maintenance cost savings.
  • Remarkably Bright ­ Serving illumination needs from elegant to intense LED products offer an unbeatable solution to a wide variety of controlled lighting applications.
  • Long Lasting – LED’s offer extremely long life spans…. (30,000. – 100,000. Hours)
  • Color Temperature Controllable ­ Available in variable white and in a variety of fixed color-temperatures.
  • RGB Plus ­ Experience a virtually unlimited palette of dynamic saturated colors.
  • Flicker Free ­ Providing for both visual comfort and optimized video recording environments.
  • Dimmable & Programmable ­ Dependable control combined with accurate and smooth dimming.
  • Contain NO Mercury.
  • Emit NO Ultra-Violet Radiation.


We can provide LED and Hybridized LED/Conventional solutions for nearly any controlled illumination need. You can count on VAST’s cutting-edge innovation and superior customer support when planning your next project. Contact a product specialist today to learn how we can help.


Contact us and see how VAST redefines the term “dynamic light”  


We are committed to the preservation and improvement of the environment. We pledge to use the knowledge and skills we have to minimize the carbon foot print generated in the course of carrying out our business. We pride ourselves in promoting sustainability and the protection of environmental resources.